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Training Sign Up Information

Updated Oct 2023

Parents and Cadets

Background Information


This training guidance will walk you through the steps to locate and apply for winter training. Included below are recommended best practices to help you and your cadet plan for the best possible experience.

Best Practices

Do not book travel until the cadet’s training registration has been officially approved (see “Steps to Register for Training” in the following pages).

Thoroughly review the training website and/or travel details provided by the training. Plan for and follow the exact instructions for arrival/departure time and location.

Review and follow the CDC’s COVID-19 domestic travel guidance.

Have a backup plan. All training events are subject to a last-minute cancellation and all hands need to plan accordingly. Cadets who are terminated from in-person training for any reason, including injury or illness, may not remain at the training site. Parents or an emergency contact must be available to pick up the cadet in case training is canceled, or a cadet is terminated.

Purchasing non-refundable tickets is not advised. Changes or cancellations to ticketing can incur significant penalties. The Sea Cadets will not reimburse these penalties or the cost of the ticket for any reason, including if the cadet was terminated from the training.


Online Accounts are Required to Register for Training

A few important notes:

Registration* for training occurs in two possible ways. One option is through the Quarterdeck Parent Portal, via the Primary Parent’s account (available by logging into A second option is now available for cadets who are 18+ years old, who can register for training on their own through their Quarterdeck login. See the next page for details on this new training registration option for 18+ year-old cadets.


*Families without internet access can be assisted with the registration process by their unit staff. Please contact your unit’s chain of command.

Parents/guardians new to Sea Cadets will be required to do a one-time Quarterdeck Parent Portal enrollment (see instructions on next page) in order to register a cadet for training.

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