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South Bay Coastal Division

New Leadership

October 2020

Leading Chief Petty Officer: Chief Thalmann
LPO (Leading Petty Officer): PO1 Hwang
ALPO (Assistant LPO): PO2 Ziobro
*Squad Leaders to be announced*
Color Guard Capt: PO2 Schmid
Our new leaders for the Leaguer squad will be Seaman PhillipsBoyes and Seaman Schmid.

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RT Training

October 2020

We had a number of new cadets complete Recruit Training this month. Although it looked a bit different from RT's of the past, it was nevertheless a grueling schedule for completely different reasons.

Bravo Zulu and welcome aboard!

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November 2020

Many of you still have not registered for Quarterdeck and this MUST be done ASAP and we will be reaching out to those cadets individually. This format is very user friendly. You can find all of your course works, your ribbons, rank, etc all in one place! For those of you who are registered, keep logging in and working on your next assignments. If you have any issues, please reach out to your chain of command. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 1.31.33 AM.png
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