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South Bay Coastal Division

TS Douglas Irvine

Swim Qualifications

September 2023

Our unit conducted swim qualifications for all cadets. Many of cadets were eager to challenge themselves beyond the level that they may have been able to accomplish, but it was a true success to see them all in the pool working together.


Summer Trainings

September 2023

We had so many of our cadets and league cadets attend over 50  trainings around the nation.   They all returned to tell stories to the unit how their experiences were and what they learned.   It was great to hear that going to training was one of the highlights during their summer.

Bravo Zulu!

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September 2023

The new school year has started, please update any important information on your profile, such as a new school or grade, on Quarterdeck.  And don't forget to get your annual medical exams done so it can also be updated.  You can find all of your course works, your ribbons, rank, etc all in one place! For those of you who are registered, keep logging in and working on your next assignments. If you have any issues, please reach out to your chain of command. 

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